Sunday at the Village Vanguard

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Bill Evans / 爵士 / 1961


One of two classic records (the other being Waltz for Debby) culled from perfectionist pianist Bill Evans' stand at the Village Vanguard in 1961. The album cover features the by-line "featuring Scott LaFaro", the bass player whose accidental death soon after highlighted his immense contributions to jazz. Absolutely timeless.

Sunday at the Village Vanguard的曲目列表

1. Gloria's Step (Take 2)
2. Gloria's Step (Take 3)
3. My Man's Gone Now
4. Solar
5. Alice in Wonderland (Take 2)
6. Alice in Wonderland (Take 1)
7. All of You (Take 2)
8. All of You (Take 3)
9. Jade Visions (Take 2)
10. Jade Visions (Take 1)

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