Strangely Beautiful

8.3 4211人评价

Club 8 / 民谣 / 2003


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Club 8-八號會所,發跡自西班牙清新廠牌Siesta的動人音樂會所。除了展現感傷之外對於美好流行旋律的熱愛,更在幾首流露Synth-Pop風華的作品中交織出Saint Etienne和Pet Shop Boys的流暢。

Strangely Beautiful的曲目列表

1. When Lights Go Out
2. What Shall We Do Next?
3. I Wasn't Much Of A Fight
4. Stay By My Side
5. Cold Hearts
6. Between Waking And Sleeping
7. This Is The Morning
8. The Next Step You'll Take
9. The Beauty Of The Way We're Living
10. Saturday Night Engine
11. We Move In Silence

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