Preview To Paradise

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Cody Simpson / 流行 / 2012-06-12


In 2008, 11-year-old Cody Simpson opened a YouTube account and began posting videos of his own musical performances. Accompanying himself on the acoustic guitar, the Australian preteen sang songs by other artists - namely pop stars like Jason Mraz and Justin Timberlake - while also giving some airtime to his original tunes. Producer Shawn Campbell stumbled across his YouTube page one year later and invited Simpson to the U.S., jump-starting a series of songwriting collaborations and studio sessions that resulted in a 2010 deal with Atlantic Records. His debut single, "iYiYi", was released later that year and cracked the Top 20 in Australia, thanks in no small part to a cameo by Flo Rida. Two versions of the song were later featured on "4 U", Simpson's debut EP, which appeared in December 2010.

Preview To Paradise的曲目列表

01. Got Me Good
02. Wish U Were Here (Feat. Becky G)
03. So Listen (Feat. T-Pain)
04. Gentleman


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