After the Thunder (Deluxe Version)

7.5 31人评价

Emin / 流行 / 2012-05-29


阿塞拜疆裔歌手Emin第五张个人全新大碟After the Thunder新鲜出炉。

After the Thunder (Deluxe Version)的曲目列表

1 Baby Get Higher
2 Never Enough
3 Heart Keeps Beating
4 Oxygen
5 Walk Through Walls
6 After the Thunder
7 Beautiful Taboo
8 Dead Roses
9 I Should've Known Better
10 I'll Be There
11 Better
12 Obvious
13 Anytime You Fall (Ash Howes Radio Edit)
14 Baby Get Higher (Digital Dog Club Mix)
15 Baby Get Higher (Seamus Haji Club Mix)
16 Never Enough (Buzz Junkies Club Mix)

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