O, You Sinners

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Eliza Rickman / 民谣 / 2012-03-06


There is always a hint of menace and reservoirs of force haunting the
corners of Eliza Rickmans voice, whatever register it occupies. Her
presence on stagewhether she wears flowers in her hair, or stuffed
birds; whether she plays a toy piano or a grand pianois an enveloping,
soft darkness, impossible to ignore. It is quite a surprise that Rickman
didnt even realize she could sing until after she earned a degree in
orchestration from Azusa Pacific University, because her voice is the
most enthralling and salient feature of any on the tracks from her new
album 'O, You Sinners'. And this is saying something, considering her
deftness as a pianist and her subtlety as a composer. Like Kate Bush's
work, or like PJ Harveys album White Chalk, the arrangements on O, You
Sinners are edged with dissonance. Like Andrew Bird, she favors
pizzicato strings over junkyard percussion and complex lyrical melodies.
Indeed, Rickmans co-producer Mark Greenberg is a frequent contributor
to Birds albums (as well as to Wilcos 'The Whole Love' and to the
Grammy Award-winning Mavis Stapless album 'You Are Not Alone').
Religious themes pervade Rickmans workher album is, after all, titled
'O, You Sinners'. She is the daughter of a pastor, and started playing
piano in church at the age of 13. But like one of her great influences-
Nick Cave- her writing belies ambivalence about religion. Good and evil;
love, both Gods love and carnal love; sinners and saints; desire and
repentance, all find a place in Rickmans songs. They lurk behind the
scrim- whatever stage she sets. The coin of her realm is stamped with
the will of God, and whether you are a doubter or a believer you must
deal in her currency if you want her to ferry you ashore. O, you
sinners she sings, hear me. And how could we not listen?

O, You Sinners的曲目列表

1. Black Rose 02:58
2. Devil's Flesh & Bones 03:45
3. Over Cold Shoulders 03:56
4. Through An Aquarium 04:09
5. Cinnamon Bone 03:10
6. O, You Sinners 03:23
7. Pretty Little Head 03:50
8. Start With Goodbye, Stop With Hello 03:53
9. White Words 03:14
10. Coming Up Roses 05:17
11. Into My Arms 04:24

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