In Our Heads

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Hot Chip / 电子 / 2012-06-19


Hot Chip, the UK-based electronica band, have announced their forthcoming fifth album, “In Our Heads,” set for release on June 12th, 2012. “In Our Heads” was recorded in London and produced by the band itself. Alexis Taylor also recently announced his side project, B&O, with Hot Chip’s drummer, Grovesnor. The duo have played shows with Scritti Politti, Gang Gang Dance and Junior Boys, and will be playing a handful of shows with New Build and The 2 Bears, as well.

In Our Heads的曲目列表

1. Motion Sickness
2. How Do You Do
3. Don't Deny Your Heart
4. Look at Where We Are
5. These Chains
6. Night and Day
7. Flutes
8. Now There Is Nothing
9. Ends of the Earth
10. Let Me Be Him
11. Always Been Your Love

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