15 Big Ones

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The Beach Boys / 摇滚 / 1976-07-05


15 Big Ones is the twentieth studio album by American rock group The Beach Boys, released in July 1976. It was their first studio album in three years and the first Brian Wilson-produced album released by the band since Pet Sounds, ten years earlier.

15 Big Ones的曲目列表

1, Rock and Roll Music
2, It's OK
3, Had to Phone Ya
4, Chapel of Love
5, Everyone's in Love with You
6, Talk to Me
7, That Same Song
8, T M Song
9, Palisades Park
10, Susie Cincinnati
11, A Casual Look
12, Blueberry Hill
13, Back Home
14, In the Still of the Night (I'll Remember)
15, Just Once in My Life

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