I Would Die 4 U

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Prince and The Revolution / 流行 / 1984-11-28


"I Would Die 4 U" is a song by Prince and The Revolution, and the fourth single in the U.S. from their 1984 album, Purple Rain. The up-tempo dance song was a top 10 hit (the last from the album) in the U.S., reaching number 8 on the Hot 100.
The extended version of "I Would Die 4 U" is actually a studio jam on the song with The Revolution and musicians from Sheila E.'s band, Eddie M (on sax) and Miko Weaver (guitar), along with Sheila E. herself; most of this version was often performed live, preceding "Baby I'm a Star". The jam features some overdubbing and fades at the end; a longer version, nearly 31 minutes long, was never released officially, but has been bootlegged. The extended mix was also used as the B-side of the 1989 "Erotic City" single (the artwork of which features the same image of Prince that was used for this single's cover.)
The B-side, "Another Lonely Christmas", is a sad account of a man mourning his lover's death on Christmas Day. The UK 12" single release also included the 1999 track "Free".
"I Would Die 4 U" is thought by some Prince fans to be sung from the viewpoint of Jesus. On the 12", and in Purple Rain Tour concerts, Prince changes the lyrics from "I'm your messiah" to "He's your messiah", pointing to the sky as he sings the line.

I Would Die 4 U的曲目列表

"I Would Die 4 U" (single version) – 2:57
"Another Lonely Christmas" – 4:51
"Free" – 5:00


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