Subliminal Actions

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Sektor 304 / 2011


The follow-up to the highly acclaimed Soul Cleansing CD finds Portugals Sektor 304 expanding
on all aspects of their debut, once again channeling the essence of the old school guardians
(Test Dept, SPK, Crash Worship), while simultaneously exploring new, uncharted territory.
Comparatively speaking, Subliminal Actions is a more complete and focused album, with an
even better flow than Soul Cleansing and more attention paid to detail, unleashing a
cacophonic whirlwind of buzz saw grind, loops, power tools, and scraping, junk metal debris,
clashing head on with exertive tribal percussion, clanging oil barrel rhythms, and
industrial clamor resonating over a sprawling, post- apocalyptic wasteland. Some tracks,
such as the opener, "A Carving on Metallic Flesh", heap on the scorching noise, while
others, such as the resounding, rhythmic driven "By The Throat", "A Vessel of Guilt", or
"Vultures" are delivered with factory-line precision, laced with grimy layers of bass-heavy
dirge, bleak, reverbed squall, and distortion filled, atmospheric drone. Among the many
highlights, is the albums closer, "A Prismatic Sun", a 10 + minute epic excursion into a
nightmarish world, populated by whispered vocals and uneasy drift that slowly rises and
grows in intensity, climaxing into a blissfully dark and sweaty orgy of low slung bass,
ominous, ceremonial drumming, and suffocating darkness. Subliminal Action not only
compliments Soul Cleansing, but takes the Sektor 304 sound to new heights, delivering yet
striking record sure to solidify their standing as one of premier, truly industrial acts in
operation today. 10 tracks, totaling 63 minutes, in 6 panel digipak, mastered by James

Subliminal Actions的曲目列表

1 A Carving On Metal Skin
2 A Vessel Of Guilt
3 By The Throat
4 Full Circle
5 Vultures
6 Friction
7 Terminal Stage
8 Concrete Islands
9 A.A.D.S.
10 The Prismatic Sun

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