Point Of Go

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Jonquil / 2012-03-05


2012 release from the British band. Oxford based Jonquil burst into the public consciousness a few years back with joyous, Folk-influenced Pop that belied the teenagedom of the members. Now, after half the band departed to form Trophy Wife and singer Hugo achieved a measure of love with his side project Chad Valley, Jonquil have recorded a 'proper album' in the shape of Point Of Go. The record is a blissful marriage of harmonies, textures and exuberant pop. Jonquil take first class musicianship and an adventurous spirit and mould them into infectious pop songs. There's splashes of Beach Boysian group harmonizing and Steely Dan-esque virtuosity but, as on lead track 'It's My Part', everything comes together perfectly. Point Of Go was recorded over a period of six weeks at the farmhouse studio of Andrew Halford of Trophy Wife and breathes with the sound of youth being excited by sound and song.

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