Sees The Light

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La Sera / 2012-03-27


If Brooklyn's Vivian Girls released one of the finest records of 2008, their subsequent follow-ups didn't make as much of an impression, but I felt otherwise about the stripped-down, self-titled debut La Sera released last February on Hardly Art (La Sera = singer/songwriter/Vivian bass player Katy Goodman). To quote Kelly O in this post, "Man, is her voice dreeeem-mee..." Yes. Yes, it is.
Now the label has announced a new full-length, Sees the Light, which the press notes compare to the Shop Assistants, adding that her second album is "more direct, more aggressive; almost a soundtrack to a lost drive-in movie classic."

Sees The Light的曲目列表

01 Love That's Gone
02 Please Be My Third Eye
03 I Can't Keep You in My Mind
04 Break My Heart
05 It's Over Now
06 I'm Alone
07 Real Boy
08 Drive On
09 How Far We've Come
10 Don't Stay

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