Out Of The Game

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Rufus Wainwright / 2012-04-23


Rufus Wainwright releases his eagerly anticipated new album, "Out of the Game", April 23rd on Polydor. Produced by Mark Ronson, this is the 7th studio album from one of the very best contemporary songwriters.Recorded in New York last Autumn, Rufus says that this is “the most pop album I’ve ever made”, whilst producer Ronson agrees that “it’s the best work of my career”. With a partnership as exciting as this, ‘Out of the Game’ is surely an album not to be missed.

Out Of The Game的曲目列表

1. Out Of The Game
2. Jericho
3. Rashida
4. Barbara
5. Welcome To The Ball
6. Montauk
7. Bitter Tears
8. Respectable Dive
9. Perfect Man
10. Sometimes You Need
11. Song Of You
12. Candles

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