Grab Everything

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Pandas And People / 摇滚 / 2011-09-01


Pandas and People are a 4 piece formed in the small town of Redditch in the Midlands. As there is not much to do in Redditch they like to spend all their time writing and producing music together that blends ideas from many different genres and artists into something recognisably familiar yet progressive and unique. They have recently recorded their debut album in Liverpool's Sandhills Studios with the help of producer and friend Al Groves that promises to be a diverse collection of songs that draw upon elements of Funk, Soul and electronica tied together with indie guitar hooks and vocal melodies and harmonies.

Grab Everything的曲目列表

1 Grab Everything
2 I See New Things Everyday
3 Jokes That Aren't Jokes
4 I'm Already Dead
5 In The Dark
6 Licking My Feet
7 A Pandas And People's Guide To
8 Hijamumpa
9 Throw Me Away
10 When Will I Stay Till The End?

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