Scenario of my first time hearing

Almer Her
2018-07-12 看过

As soon as it passed 12 a.m, the bar started to turn on music —at full blast I supposed; then this song played and a big, hairs long like hays, tanned-skinned white woman —very Spanish looks, suddenly stood up to dance; all the customers turned to her, her friends at table clapping hands, and she danced, like a swish of diaphanous curtain flowing, like there’s nobody else. I gazed at her, her wiggling got slowed down and her smile closed-up through my maudlin eyes, all so relaxed and artless, with the kind of beauty that could grow and age, tailing her like shadows or loneliness; the music was so loud that it muffled my heartbeats, smashed the time and made those lights shimmering as if dampened pigments painted on the bar darkness. It’s so wonderful to be charmed, to memorize in a piece of melody...and to think of a stranger whom you share a moment with but will never get to know more... sometimes I just getting too tired to grope too far in a human heart and find it hollow. It’s always a better story to call it an end soon after it begins.

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