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这黑人用Michael Jackson的嗓音告诉你什么是渣男|每日一歌

2018-05-16 看过

「Best musical talent since Michael Jackson. - 自迈克尔・杰克逊以来最优秀的音乐天才」

——John Norris


他就是The Weeknd,多次上榜billboard的加拿大籍歌手,拥有迈克尔・杰克逊一般的音色天赋,凭借「Starboy」三度登顶。

本次推荐的就是出自「Starboy」专辑中的「Die For You」,靠音色吃饭的The Weeknd一开嗓就让你笼罩在他的音乐之中。


除这张专辑外「My Dear Melancholy」的专辑制作水准也相当优质,有兴趣的老爷可以搜来听听,当然无论什么专辑核心还得是歌好听。

Die For You

I'm findin' ways to articulate

The feeling I'm goin' through

I just can't say I don't love you

'Cause I love you yeah

It's hard for me to communicate the thoughts that I hold

But tonight I'm gon' let you know

Let me tell the truth

Baby let me tell the truth yeah

You know what I'm thinkin'

See it in your eyes

You hate that you want me

Hate it when you cry

You're scared to be lonely

Specially in the night

I'm scared that I'll miss you

Happens every time

I don't know this feelin'

I can't afford love

I try to find reason to pull us apart

It ain't workin' 'cause you're perfect

And I know that you're worth it

I can't walk away oh

Even though we're going through it

If it makes you feel alarmed

Just know that I would die for you

Baby I would die for you yeah

The distance and the time between us

It'll never change my mind yes baby

I would die for you

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