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#Lyrics# 4Play [2013] Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio

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01. From Copenhagen With Love

Infernal was the lust that made our bodies yearn

Eternal was the flame that caused our souls to burn

Can you recall the spark we felt the night before?

To travel to this place and open every door

We opened up the gate and sealed the world behind

We stepped into a room and said farewell to time

We knew our lust was real so nothing could go wrong

We tried to breathe the air that burned inside our lungs

I held your hand in mine and stepped towards the rim

I gazed into your eyes and touched your aching skin

We came to be conceived and seize our own demands

Then stepped into the void and let the fall commence

“All the things that we never did, all the things that we never dared

All the feelings that we felt, all the kisses that we shared

All the flesh that we seduced was our sacrifice to life

Most precious blood is what gave ourselves that night”

Infernal was the lust that made our bodies whole

Eternal was the flame that burned inside our souls

We’d entered to a place our eyes compelled to see

I kissed your silken legs and sealed our fate to be

I placed you on the bed and seized you by the neck

My hands emerged to please and satisfy your flesh

Your body arched and heaved to justify its needs

The heels you wore that night convinced my skin to bleed

I ate your flower whole and spit inside your mouth

My fingers deep inside made tears come from your eyes

We gave ourselves away beyond the thought of WE

And only after this the hunger was relieved

02. First Death (Every Man Is A Moth To The Flame)

Can we crucify our senses and compel ourselves to bleed?

Let us consummate our yearnings and advance beyond our needs

Can we master our obsessions and commemorate the flesh?

Let us yield to revelations and conceive what they confess

Can we vindicate our vices and regress to being chaste?

Let's ascend into perfection with the hunger of the great

"Every man, every man is a star that will burn

That will sear like a moth to the flame

Just like kingdoms are born to descend

We will end"

Can we see the imperfections and accept what we've become?

Let us overcome confusion we advance beyond the sun

Can we glorify the inside and receive the ugly core?

Let us yearn the imperfections till repulsion is no more

Can we comprehend the symbols that reside within the soul?

Let's proceed towards completion and surrender our control

Can we realize the symbols that are carved into our flesh?

Let us justify our actions and concede what we detest

Can we overlook the defects till repulsion is no more?

Let us savor all illusions and become ourselves once more

Can we fortify our longings and prepare ourselves to die?

Our life is our belonging let us use it like a knife

03. I AM The Sweetest Of Devils

Remember when you asked me, if you could cut my hair?

I looked inside the mirror; you asked me if I dared

- "I am the sweetest devil, I promise to be dear"

This is an act of pleasure; I said I felt no fear

You took the shining scissors, and cut through skin and bones

I feared for life and fortune; my anguish was condoned

I begged you please don't hurt me; I really love this life

I watched you squirm in laughter, as blood concealed my eyes

"In time we forsake our illusions, and yield to the passing of time

Let's drink from the cup of confusion, and be king in the land of the blind"

Remember when you asked me, if you could feel my soul?

You wondered what's inside me; I said I did not know

You promised to be gentle; I swore I did not mind

- "This is an act of pleasure, and pleasure will be mine"

I felt the urge to please you; I promised to comply

You opened up the entrance, and shoved your hand inside

I screamed in pain and pleasure, I begged to be consoled

You clenched the soul inside me, and ripped it out with skin and bones

04. A Man Without War Is A Man Without Peace

Man without war, there's no life in your breath

You say you are free, but your spirit is dead

Brother of fools, all your comrades are gone

Through the passing of life, you don't need anyone

Imbecile sister, your judgment is dead

Your soul is escaping, through a hole in your head

Man with no soul, your substance is gone

You no longer search, and look for the sun

Love me, defeat me, and fear me

Lust me, abuse me and smear me

Choke me, provoke me and feed me

Kiss me, seduce me, abuse me and need me

Man without peace, we tried for so long

You said you could see, but your concepts are gone

Your skin made of marble, your hands made of ice

The hunger you quench, you pay with your life

Man without hope, a coin for your soul

The madness has come, and soon you'l implode

Imbecile sister, your soul was for sale

The honor you sheltered, now tasteless and frail

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