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Mystery Cove

Ralf Borrman
2018-02-11 看过
“For this record, I knew I wanted to tell a particular story,” Feighan says. “I set off making a record about a young couple who go on a trip to ‘Mystery Cove.’ The whole thing is like a Scooby-Doo story, where there is danger, but nothing is ever too serious.”

The narrative of Mystery Cove can be detected in its sonics, which move from flowing guitar lines and peppy handclaps (“Full Sail”) to a sense of melancholy rarely explored in the Monster Rally catalogue (“Misty Sunset”). In between the peaks and valleys, there are repurposed Country-Western ballads (“In the Valleys”), a glittery sort of thump that makes way for a gorgeous, languid guitar line (“Mystic”), and a twinkling soul loop augmented by rolling drums (“Burning Citrus”). There is thunder cracking in “Little Buddy,” and a lot of chirping in “The Birds Pt. 4.” In Monster Rally’s music, there’s always something sinister lurking in the crevices of something majestic; Mystery Cove offers examples in spades.

-Martin Douglas
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