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在他们的新专辑中,他们不止让我们眼花繚乱。这两个才华四溢的姐妹,虽在弦乐器上有不凡的造绎,却能静心坐在在钢琴上自由地铨释美好的曲目 - 比如勃拉姆斯的匈牙利舞曲中,帕格尼尼的 La Truitede Schubert 或 La Campanella - 但也是最近的专辑 “coup de coeur” 的作品。我们的两位音乐家因此踏上了由马修·赫尔佐格(Mathieu Herzog); Ensemble Appassionato的领导所编排的 “红色小提琴和阿甘正传” 那亲密和充满热情活力的原创曲目来一起合奏。

Camille 和 Julie Berthollet,由他们的好友 Guillaume Vincent 和一位惊喜的嘉宾托马斯•恩赫科(Thomas Enhco)一起演奏,展示了他们那带点恶意,敏感高超的演奏技巧。


Camille和Julie Berthollet

NEVER 2 WITHOUT 3 ! After the phenomenal success of the first two albums, Camille and Julie come back with # 3.

In their new album, they do not stop dazzling us. Talented and luminous, the two sisters have more than one string to their instruments and sit willingly at the piano to interpret the great scores of the repertoire - such as the sixth of Brahms' Hungarian Dances, La Truitede Schubert or La Campanella by Paganini - but also more recent "coup de coeur" works. Our two musicians thus embark us in the intimate and passionate pages of the vibrant original tracks of Red Violin and Forrest Gump, arranged by Mathieu Herzog, here at the head of his Ensemble Appassionato.

Camille and Julie Berthollet, accompanied on the piano by their faithful friend Guillaume Vincent and a surprise guest: Thomas Enhco, who display all their treasures of malice, sensitivity and virtuosity.

From Johann Sebastian Bach to My Way, let yourself be embarked on this original program and the complicity that comes from this amazing meeting with friends.

"We've been playing duet for 12 years now and we are very excited to engrave our complicity on this new recording"

Camille and Julie Berthollet
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