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乐评:Emerson Lake & Palmer 《Tarkus》

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歌词翻译:Emerson, Lake & Palmer

This is my fourth review of an Emerson, Lake & Palmer's album. The others are their eponymous debut studio album 'Emerson, Lake & Palmer' released in 1970, their fourth studio album 'Brain Salad Surgery' released in 1973 and their debut live album 'Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends' released in 1974. 'Tarkus' is their second studio album and was released in 1971. It represents my first contact with the group. 'Tarkus' was my first vinyl disk of them and is also one of my eldest vinyl records. I bought it in the distant years of the 70's. So, I know it very well.

这是我对ELP专辑的第四次评论。另外的是他们的同名首专,发行于1970年的《Emerson, Lake & Palmer》,发行于1973年的第四张专辑《Brain Salad Surgery》和他们的首张现场专辑《Welcome Back My Friends To The Show That Never Ends》,发行于1974年。《Tarkus》是他们的第二张录音室专辑,发行于1971年。它代表了我第一次聆听乐队。《Tarkus》是我有的他们的第一张黑胶,也是我最古老的黑胶收藏之一。我在遥远的70年代购买了它,所以我知道,它相当不错。

This was a very important album to the band because after the huge success of their eponymous debut studio album, the band was under an enormous pressure to come up with something special. This was a hard task basically because of two reasons. The first was that the first super group in the rock history had the obligation to make a very special musical work with great quality. The second was that their first studio album was seen more like a collection of individual efforts and ideas than a collective musical effort. So, there were doubts about the result of the collective musical composition of the band. However, after the release of this album, all doubts were dissipated.


'Tarkus' was their first successful conceptual album and has seven tracks. It's a very special album divided into two parts. However, essentially everything runs around their first track who gave its name to the album. It occupies an entire side of the LP, almost making us forget the other half of the album, what would be a little bit unfair because it has also some very good songs with a certain charm. As I wrote before, the first part is entirely completed by their first track 'Tarkus', which is divided into seven parts: 'Eruption' (instrumental) written by Emerson, 'Stones of Years' written by Emerson and Lake, 'Iconoclast' (instrumental) written by Emerson, 'Mass' written by Emerson and Lake, 'Manticore' (instrumental) written by Emerson, 'Battlefield' written by Lake and 'Aquatarkus' (instrumental) written by Emerson. It's a very complex and a fantastic piece of music with great creativity, very experimental in rock music and certainly avant-garde for those times. This great progressive epic represents the lengthiest studio song made by the band, 20:35, until their song 'Karn Evil 9', 29:37, released on 'Brain Salad Surgery'. This remains a favourite song for the fans and was consistently played live by the group, and is also my favourite song of them. Namely, 'Battlefield' is absolutely superb, beautiful, memorable and an unforgettable song. The side B of the LP has the remaining 6 tracks. The first track 'Jeremy Bender/The Sheriff' written by Emerson and Lake and the sixth and last track 'Are You Ready Eddie?' written by Emerson, Lake and Palmer, are two comedic rocker songs on the same mould of 'Benny The Bouncer' released on 'Brain Salad Surgery'. Sincerely, these two songs are very pleasant to listen to, but hardly worthy of an Emerson, Lake & Palmer's album. The second track 'Bitches Crystal' written by Emerson and Lake is a song strongly influenced by jazz and represents a very good song. The third track 'The Only Way (Hymn)' written by Bach, Emerson and Lake and the fourth track 'Infinite Space (Conclusion)' are also two very good tracks with a fantastic piano and organ works. The fifth track 'A Time And A Place' written by Emerson, Lake & Palmer do a nice contrast to the other songs. It's the hardest song on the album and it shows the rocker quality of the band.

《Tarkus》是他们的首张成功的概念专辑,有七首歌。专辑被很特意的划分为两部分。不过,从本质上来说,一切都围绕着第一首歌运行,这首歌也是专辑的名字。它占据了黑胶的一面,使我们几乎忘记另一面的歌曲,这有点不公平,因为另一面也有不错的有魅力的歌曲。如我之前所写,第一部分完全是他们的第一首歌'Tarkus',它被分为七个部分:'Eruption' (instrumental) 由 Emerson创作, 'Stones of Years' 由 Emerson 和Lake创作, 'Iconoclast' (instrumental) 由 Emerson创作, 'Mass' 由 Emerson 和Lake创作, 'Manticore' (instrumental) 由 Emerson创作, 'Battlefield' 由 Lake创作 以及'Aquatarkus' (instrumental) 由 Emerson创作。它是由伟大创造力所创造的复杂而神奇的音乐,是在那时非常有实验性和先锋性的摇滚乐。这首伟大的前卫史诗是乐队最长的歌曲,有20分钟35秒之长,直到另一首歌出现,《Brain Salad Surgery》中的'Karn Evil 9'。它依旧是歌迷们最钟爱的歌曲,并且一直现场演出,也是我最爱的他们的歌。'Battlefield'是绝对一流、美丽、令人难忘的歌曲。黑胶的B面有六首歌,第一首歌'Jeremy Bender/The Sheriff'由Emerson和Lake创作,第六首和最后一首'Are You Ready Eddie?'由Emerson,Lake和Palmer创作,这是两首关于喜剧摇滚歌手的歌,类似于《Brain Salad Surgery》里的'Benny The Bouncer'。坦诚来说,这两首歌听起来很欢快,但在专辑中几乎没有价值。第二首歌'Bitches Crystal'由Emerson和Lake创作,它强烈受到爵士乐的影响,本身很不错。第三首歌'The Only Way (Hymn)'其实是Emerson和Lake改编巴赫的歌曲,第四首歌'Infinite Space (Conclusion)'也很不错,有梦幻的钢琴和风琴演奏。第五首歌'A Time And A Place'由Emerson, Lake & Palmer创作,是与其他歌曲很好的对比。它是专辑中最具挑战的歌曲,展现了乐队的摇滚实力。

The art cover of the album was made about the first track of the album and was created by the artist William Neal. It depicts an image of a creature half armadillo and half a tank of the World War I. Inside the cover of the album there is a gatefold who features a sequence of pictures which show us the birth of Tarkus, from an egg erupted from a volcano, and others depicting pictures of some other battles fought between Tarkus and some other half mechanical creatures, until their defeats by a Manticore, the only creature totally organic on the story. It's interesting to note that the band later named their record company as the Manticore Records. To sum up, 'Tarkus' described a story about reverse evolution and speak to us about the futility of the war in general, and it's also about the religious hypocrisy.

专辑封面艺术是关于第一首歌的,由艺术家William Neal创作。它描述了一个一战时期半犰狳半坦克的生物的形象。专辑还有画册,它有一系列故事描述了Tarkus的诞生(从一个蛋爆发成一个火山),以及其他Tarkus与半机械怪兽的战斗,直到它们被人头狮身龙(蝎)尾怪兽Manticore打败——它是故事中唯一完全有机化的生物。所以值得注意的是,难怪乐队日后把专辑的唱片公司命名为Manticore Records。总结的说,《Tarkus》描绘了关于逆演化的故事,告诉我们战争是毫无意义的,同时也是关于虚伪宗教的故事。

Conclusion: Unfortunately, due to the profound musical differences between the two sides of the LP, 'Tarkus' is somewhat unbalanced and failed to be a masterpiece. The problem with this album is that on side A we have 'Tarkus', a truly masterpiece, but on side B, despite the songs being good, they're in generally with a slightly lower quality. Nevertheless, with this album the group made a great musical work and 'Tarkus' can be considered a landmark to the band's musical career and represents one of their best pieces of music. With it, they made a lasting impression on the music scene and to this day their musical influence can still be felt and their music still inspires bands from around the world. They simply became as one of the most influential bands to come out of the treasure that was the early 70's.

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