【乐评】Pink Floyd《Animals》

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【乐评】Pink Floyd《Animals》

For the vast majority of the progressive rock fans, Pink Floyd can be considered as one of the best and most recognized bands in the progressive rock movement from the 70's, together with Yes and Genesis. We can even consider that those bands were, in a certain way, practically the founders and the most creative of the progressive rock music. They are probably also the bands that most have influenced the progressive groups, until today.
对于绝大多数前摇粉丝而言,Pink Floyd可说是最好也最被认可的70年代前摇运动的乐队之一了,携同Yes和Genesis。我们甚至可以认为这些乐队在某种意义上差不多是前卫摇滚的创始人和最具有创造性的乐队。他们大概也是时至今日前卫组合中影响最深远的组合了。

This is my third review of a Pink Floyd's album. "Animals" belongs to the famous trilogy of the greatest masterpieces of the band, starting with their eighth studio album "The Dark Side Of The Moon" released in 1973, followed by their ninth studio album "Which You Were Here" released in 1975 and ending with "Animals", their tenth studio album released in 1977. It was recorded at the band's studio, the Britannia Row Studios, in London, and was released by Harvest Records in the UK and by Columbia Records in the USA. With the exception of "Dogs", which was co-written with David Gilmour, all the five tracks on the album were written by Roger Waters. Curiously, "Animals" was the band's first album not to include a writing credit by Richard Wright. Those were probably, the early signs of discord inside the group, which several years later would culminate with Wright leaving the band, due to problems with Waters.

这是我第三次对Pink Floyd专辑的评价,《Animals》属于乐队著名的伟大三部曲杰作之一,三部曲以1973年发行的第八张录音室专辑《The Dark Side Of The Moon》开头,随后是1975年发行的第九张《Which You Were Here》,结尾则是《Animals》,1977年发行的第十张。专辑在乐队伦敦的录音室Britannia Row Studios录制,在英国由Harvest Records发行,在美国由Columbia Records发行。"Dogs"是唯一由David Gilmour合写的歌,所有的五首歌都是Roger Waters创作的。奇妙的是,《Animals》是乐队第一张不包含Richard Wright创作的专辑。这些也许是乐队内部纷争的早期信号,这一纷争几年之后会随着Wright离开乐队达到顶点,纷争由Waters引起。

Of all the classic Pink Floyd albums, "Animals" is the strangest and darkest of all. It's a conceptual album, based on the George Orwell's political fable the "Animal Farm", where various groups in the society are represented as animals. The dogs represent the law, the pigs represent the leaders and the sheep represent the people. On the album, Waters equal the humans to each of those three animals' species. The dogs represent the megalomaniacal businessmen that end up being dragged into what they created. The pigs represent the corrupt politicians and also the moralists. The sheep represent those who don't fit into these two categories, which without thinking blindly follow a leader. Despite the Orwell's novel is focused on the Stalinist communism, the album is a critic to the worst of the capitalism.

在所有经典Pink Floyd专辑中,《Animals》是最奇怪和黑暗的。这是一张基于乔治·奥威尔的政治寓言《动物庄园》的概念专辑,寓言中各种不同的社会集团由动物象征。狗代表法律,猪代表领导,羊代表民众。在专辑中,Waters把人类等价于这三种物种。狗代表妄自尊大的商人,并最终被拖入他们所创造的世界中。猪代表贪污的政客,也代表道德家。羊代表不符合这两类的人,不经思考而盲目的跟随领导者。尽管奥威尔的小说聚焦于斯大林共产主义,但专辑是对于资本主义最坏的方面的批评。

"Animals" has five tracks. The first track "Pigs On The Wing" is divided in two parts, and is the smallest track on the album. "Pigs On The Wing (Part 1)" opens de album and has only 1:25 minutes long and "Pigs On The Wing (Part 2)" closes de album and has precisely the same time. "Pigs On The Wing" is a love song written by Waters for his wife, Caroline, at the time. The message of this song is that when two people love each other, they can protect themselves from the evils of the world, referred on the other three songs. Waters refers to himself as a dog in the second part of the song. Musically, the song is simply constructed and features no instrumentation besides an acoustic guitar played by him. The second track "Dogs" is the lengthiest song on the album. Gilmour and Waters share vocal duties on the song. Gilmour sings the majority of the song, but Waters sings the last two verses. During the theme, we can hear the Wright's synthesizer solo and the sounds of dogs barking, on the back. Gilmour made brilliant mixes, with acoustic and electric guitars, together. The third track "Pigs (Three Different Ones)" is the heaviest track on the album and is a song more in the rock vein. It's the most aggressive song on the album and has very aggressive political lyrics, too. Halfway through the song, Gilmour uses a "Heil Talk Box" on the guitar solo, to mimic the sound of the pigs. The fourth track "Sheep" is probably my favourite song on the album. It has a delightful Wright's keyboard work, while Waters sings and plays rhythm guitar and Gilmour plays an outstanding bass guitar brilliantly on a simply and amazing way. For a Pink Floyd's album which is so clearly dominated by Waters, the Gilmour's guitars dominate throughout the album, but we have also the Wright's keyboards rarely rising above a mood-setting on the background.

《Animals》有五首歌。第一首歌"Pigs On The Wing"分为两个部分,是专辑中最短的。"Pigs On The Wing (Part 1)"开启了专辑,只有1:25长度,"Pigs On The Wing (Part 2)"结束了专辑,也是精准的1:25长度。"Pigs On The Wing"是Waters在那时写给他的妻子写的情歌。歌曲表达了当两个人相爱时,他们可以保护自己免受世界上的罪恶(如其他三首歌所描述的罪恶)。在歌曲的第二部分Waters指自己就仿佛是一只狗。音乐上,它是简单的结构,只有他弹奏的木吉他伴奏。第二首歌"Dogs"是专辑中最长的歌。Gilmour 和Waters都在此歌中献声。Gilmour演唱了大多数部分,Waters唱了最后两句。在旋律中我们可以听到Wright的合成器独奏和背景中的狗吠声。Gilmour才华横溢的组合起了木吉他与电吉他。第三首歌"Pigs (Three Different Ones)"是专辑中最沉重的歌曲,也更有摇滚的味道。这是专辑中最具侵略性的歌曲,也有许多具侵略性的政治性歌词。歌曲进行到一半的时候,Gilmour在吉他独奏上用了一个"Heil Talk Box"去模仿猪的声音。第四首歌"Sheep"也许是我在此专辑中最爱的歌。它有Wright令人愉悦的键盘作品,Waters唱歌及弹奏节奏吉他,Gilmour弹奏出色的低音吉他,它们都通过简单的方式来使人感受到惊喜。作为一张Pink Floyd的专辑,它是如此显著地由Waters主导,而Gilmoour的吉他也支配着整个专辑,但我们也可以感受到Wright的键盘在背景中难得的超越了一种心境设置(而起更大的作用)。

Conclusion: For many of you, "Animals" is probably the last album released by Pink Floyd that can achieve the status of a masterpiece. Sincerely, I don't completely agree with that point of view. I really think that we can't forget their famous eleventh studio album "The Wall", released in 1979 despite is probably an album less progressive than their three previous studio works. In any case and in my humble opinion, "Animals" is one of the three best albums of the group, and one of the best albums ever made, in any time, by any band. Anyway and undoubtedly, "Animals" is one of the Pink Floyd's lesser known albums and is for sure the less known album of their trilogy. Of course it's not as easily accessible as "The Dark Side Of The Moon", it's for sure less personal than "Wish You Were Here" and it has a less interesting story and less familiar songs than "The Wall". It's shorter than most of the Pink Floyd's albums, too. But it's surely a great Pink Floyd album and that can be considered a true landmark in the progressive rock music. By the way, please read "Animal Farm", if you didn't read it before. It's a great novel which never gets old with the years.

结论:对你们中很多人来说,《Animals》也许是Pink Floyd所做的最后一张可以达到杰作境界的专辑。真诚的说,我不完全同这个观点。我真心觉得我们不能忘记他们著名的在1979年发行的第十一张专辑《The Wall》,尽管它相比前三张来说少了点前卫性。无论如何,在我看来,《Animals》是乐队最佳的三张专辑之一,是任何时间任何乐队所做过的最佳专辑之一。不管怎样,《Animals》无疑是Pink Floyd鲜为人知的专辑之一,也是他们三部曲中最鲜为人知的。当然它不如《The Dark Side Of The Moon》那般容易让人接受,也肯定比《Wish You Were Here》更少了点个人化,也比《The Wall》少了些有趣的故事和相似的歌曲。它比大多数Pink Floyd的专辑也更短。但它当然是伟大的Pink Floyd专辑,可以被认为是前卫摇滚领域中的一个真正的地标。顺便说一句,如果你没有读过《动物庄园》,请阅读它吧。这是一部伟大的小说,历久弥新。
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