【乐评】King Crimson《Red》

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【乐评】King Crimson《Red》

King Crimson was founded in 1969 by guitarist Robert Fripp and drummer Michael Giles. King Crimson is probably the most innovative and experimental group that ever existed. The band is considered the founder of the progressive rock music, with their debut studio album "In The Court Of The Crimson King", released in 1969. The group's sound incorporated various musical influences, during their long history, ranging from jazz, classical, experimental, psychedelic, heavy metal, new wave, hard rock, folk and electronic. In my humble opinion, beyond King Crimson be the most experimental and innovator group in the progressive rock scene, it's the most eclectic too. In one occasion, someone even said that sometimes, the group makes a kind of an intelligent heavy metal sound.

King Crimson于1969年由吉他手Robert Fripp和鼓手Michael Giles组建。King Crimson也许是存在过的最创新和最实验性的组合。乐队印他们1969年的同名首专《In The Court Of The Crimson King》被认为是前卫摇滚的创始人。在他们的漫长历史中,乐队的音乐包容了许多不同的音乐流派的影响:爵士、古典、实验、迷幻,重型,新浪潮,硬摇滚,民谣和电子乐不等。在我看来,King Crimson是前卫摇滚中最具实验性和最具革新精神的,是最不拘一格的。在某些场合,有人甚至这样说,乐队有时制作了一种极其智慧的重金属的声音。

"Red" is their seventh studio album and was released in 1974. It was their last studio album in the 70's, before Fripp temporarily disbanded the group, in the same year. The album has been released later, in the same year, after their split and without the usual world live tour.


The line up on the album is Robert Fripp (guitar and mellotron), John Wetton (vocals and bass guitar) and Bill Bruford (drums and percussion). The previous fourth band's member David Cross (violin), left the group in 1974, reducing the group as a trio. Nevertheless, the trio recorded the album with the help of Cross, as a guest musician. The album had also the participation of five other guest artists, Ian McDonald (alto saxophone), Mel Collins (soprano saxophone), Mark Charing (cornet), Robin Miller (oboe) and Richard Palmer-James (lyrics). McDonald and Collins are two other ex-members of the group. This trio is formed by three of the most brilliant musicians and instrumentalists who ever existed. Fripp, beyond the founder and leader of King Crimson, is considered one of the best musicians and guitarists. He also has collaborated with many other artists, all over the time. Wetton was one of the founder members, the front man and the principal songwriter of Asia. He was also member or cooperated with so many others bands and soloists all over the time, such as, Family, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, Uriah Heep, UK, Steve Hackett and Wishbone Ash, beyond his solo musical career. Bruford, was one of the founder members of Yes, and has been a prominent figure in the progressive rock movement. He made the live tour of "Seconds Out", as the drummer of Genesis, and has also a solo career of great success. Bruford is also considered one of the greatest drummers of all time.

专辑制作人员是:Robert Fripp(吉他,电子琴),John Wetton(人声,贝斯)和Bill Bruford(鼓,打击乐)。先前的第四位成员David Cross(小提琴)在1974年离开了乐队,使乐队成为了三重奏。不过,乐队是在Cross的帮助下录制了专辑,他作为一个客串音乐家。专辑也有其他五位音乐家的参与:Ian McDonald (中音萨克斯), Mel Collins (高音萨克斯), Mark Charing (短号), Robin Miller (双簧管)和Richard Palmer-James (歌词)。McDonald和Collins是乐队的前成员。这个三重奏是由史上最才华横溢的音乐家和器乐演奏家组成的。Fripp,是King Crimson的创始者和领袖,被认为是最好的音乐家和吉他手之一。他也一直与其他许多艺术家合作。Wetton是Asia乐队的创始人员,也是乐队的头牌和最重要的歌曲作者。他也一直音乐生涯中和其他许多乐队和个人进行合作,比如Family, Roxy Music, Bryan Ferry, Uriah Heep, UK, Steve Hackett和Wishbone Ash。Bruford是Yes乐队的创始成员之一,也成为了前摇运动的知名人物。他作为Genesis的鼓手制作了《Seconds Out》的巡演,个人专辑也取得了很大的成功。他也被认为是史上最伟大的鼓手之一。

"Red" has five tracks. The first track "Red" written by Fripp is the title track song. It's an instrumental track, very powerful and heavy. It features heavy guitars, an incredible bass line and a unique drumming style. It shows clearly the band's ability to feature multiple time signatures in only one song. Despite being a song written in 1974, it sounds very futuristic, even now. The second track "Fallen Angel" written by Fripp, Wetton and Palmer- James is a very beautiful ballad with great vocal performance by Wetton. It has beautiful musical arrangements that include reverse delays and mellotron lines, which give to it a unique flavour. The third track "One More Red Nightmare" written by Fripp and Wetton is a very dynamic and energetic track with great guitar work. It has also an interesting sound, clapping hands. It features different time signatures with an unforgettable guitar riff, an impressive saxophone solo and the great ability of Wetton singing. The fourth track "Providence" written by Fripp, Wetton, Bruford and Palmer-James is other instrumental track, very experimental, and it's probably the most progressive song on the album. Here, we can appreciate the incredible communion between all band members. "Providence" was recorded live, and is the only live piece on the album. The fifth track "Starless" written by Fripp, Wetton, Bruford, Cross and Palmer-James is the lengthiest track on the album and is, for me, a really masterpiece, and is one of my favourite King Crimson songs. It's a great dark song with the Wetton's melancholic voice. This is a truly classic song, and I'm really glad that it has returned live on the Wetton's solo set list, in its full version. "Starless" represents the perfect end to a perfect album.

《Red》有五首歌。第一首歌"Red"由Fripp创作,是同名主题曲。是一首纯音乐,非常有力量,很重型。它的特点是沉重的吉他、不可思议的贝斯和独一无二的鼓声。它清楚地展现了乐队将多重节拍融于一首歌上的野心。尽管它是在1974年创作的,但甚至现在依然听起来非常具有未来感。第二首歌"Fallen Angel"由Fripp、Wetton和Palmer- James创作,是非常优美动听的民谣,伴随Wetton出色的人声演绎。它由多重延迟和合成器构成美妙的音乐安排,这给予了歌曲独一无二的特色。第三首歌"One More Red Nightmare"由Fripp和Wetton创作,是非常充满动力和活力的的伟大吉他作品。它也有有趣的声音——拍手音。它的特色是不同节拍的令人难忘的吉他重复段、一个印象深刻的萨克斯独奏和Wetton伟大的歌唱才能。第四首歌"Providence"由Fripp, Wetton, Bruford和Palmer-James创作,是另一首纯器乐,非常实验,也许是专辑中最前卫的歌曲。歌中,我们可以欣赏到所有乐队成员之间不可思议的交流。"Providence"是录制的现场歌曲,也是专辑中唯一的现场歌曲。第五首歌"Starless"由Fripp, Wetton, Bruford, Cross 和Palmer-James创作,是专辑中最长的歌,对我来说是一个真正的杰作,也是我最爱的King Crimson的歌。这是一首伟大的黑暗的歌,伴随Wetton忧郁的嗓音。这是真正的古典歌曲,我也很高兴它在Wetton的个人事业中以全长的形式回到了现场演绎中。"Starless"代表着这张完美专辑的完美终结。

Conclusion: "Red" is simply one of the best and most important albums in the history of the progressive rock music. "Red" is my second review of King Crimson's albums, after "In The Court Of The Crimson King". For me, these two magnificent albums are undoubtedly their best, and two of the best albums ever made. To Q magazine, "Red" is one of the fifty heaviest albums of all time. So, it's very common to consider "Red" as one of the most influential albums in the progressive metal style. So, because of that, King Crimson can be considered the pioneer of that type of music. If you don't have yet this pearl in your musical collection, buy it now and rapidly. Any King Crimson fan will want to add it into their musical collection. And after all, it has been reissued and remastered a few times, and all over the years.

结论:简单地说,《Red》是前卫摇滚历史上最佳和最重要的专辑。《Red》是我对King Crimson专辑的第二次评论,在《In The Court Of The Crimson King》之后。对我来说,这两张了不起的专辑是他们不可置疑的最佳,也是存在过的最佳专辑。Q magazine把《Red》评为历史五十佳重型专辑之一。所以,普遍认为《Red》对前卫金属有着极大的影响。所以,因为这样,King Crimson可以被认为是前卫金属的先驱。如果你的音乐收藏里没有这颗珍珠,快点现在就买来吧!任何King Crimson粉丝都会把它加入自己的音乐收藏中。最后,这些年来它已经被重新发行和重录了许多次了。
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