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"Birth! School! Dole! Angest!"...
 Every time I heard this song by Edson, a feeling of circulation naturaly touched my soul.
 This is a song about the bittersweet of growth. And if you truly listen to it's lyrics, maybe you find something in common with me.
  During the time of growth, surly you will meet difficulty situation, And if you are strong enough to challenge with it, no matter what it will be in the end, you will have a lesson from it.
 "You don't have to worry, you don't have to cry, there will be another time. You't don't have to worry, this is not goodbye. You don't have to worry, I'll be fine..."
  Just like the lyrics of the song, I think it very important for you to choose an easy attitude towards the poor situation.
  "Birth! School! Dole! Angest!" is just a kind of circulaion,and everybody will go throuth it. So take it easy, you are the best!
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