"The day i died" is my favorite

J- 大叔
2009-08-27 看过
recently I've been trying to listening to all MJ's music in the 60s and 70s with his brothers, pretty much anything before his breakthrough album "off the wall". I have to say it's so good back to the old time and enjoy those black music, back then the is still so good, although it's not my old time.
I actually haven't tried listening to any new released albums from any music artists since MJ's death.
and I think this one is the one for me to move on.
I just went through it once, here are some of my favorites:
the day i died, 253, astronaut, so wrong
It would be nice if the music can help me get through the crazy son of bitch hot summer weather in Wuhan, I guess it could never do.
God, pls let this unbelievable weather be over soon.
Don't know what i am talking about right now. Sorry for the confusing.
Anyway, album download is already available on-line, you can find the download link or buy it on-line :)
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