This is the best album of GAGA!完美的剧目。

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In the first act form chromatic 1

She just a little girl wants to find the wonderland and all she wants is love. Then she fell down and the rain on her,water like misery. From that she found she is a free woman and fack the world we can fun tonight! the second act chromatic 2, she changed she addicted in drink and released herself and watched her fell down. she is the sour candy, she don't want to be a plastic doll played by man, industry and world. She tend to be enigma and take off the mask replay her life. The third act chromatic 3, The darkness, self disappointing was tortured her. At that time, the cure is the sine, the music from heaven. The God of music saved her and make her live in place like doves. She has enough love and courage to fight with the demon, even in Babylon. 我是一个普通歌迷,没有什么专业的音乐知识,只有自己听歌的经验和揣摩。这个专辑是我短暂的人生中听过最精彩的专辑。整个完整的概念和超高水平的编曲,使GAGA的感情完美的专递到听众的心里。就像她说的,希望可以通过专辑找到大众的共鸣,带来共通的感动。而在舞曲这一个她的巅峰领域,她做到了!那份情感准确的传进了我心里,那份爱也住进了我心里。

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