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Tricked into some fodder about this oasis. This conversation of new beginning. Having enlightening talks over common interests. Chained together (forever) to push onto the celebrated platform. l've boarded myself inside. I've refused to exit. There is no ocean for me. There is no glamour. Only the mirage of water ascending from the asphalt. I gaze at it from the oven of my home. Confined to a house that never remains clean. To a bed where the ill never get well. I cough ceaselessly into the night. The remainder of my humanity is drifting spit through the cold. Sitting quietly in scorching reimagined suburbia.

被引诱到星散在这片绿洲的饵料前 这场新开端的交涉 进行野心勃勃的哲识谈判 彼此(永远)锁缚着推向庄严的站台 在今晚 登上我内心的舱船 拒绝离开 没有属于我的海洋 贫乏的魅力 仅沥青水面的升擎幻影 我从自家烤炉里凝视它 幽闭在永远污秽的房屋 在病人无法痊愈的床上 我不停地咳嗽直到夜晚 我残存的人性在寒冷空气中漂逐而过 噤声坐在烧燃着重新构想的郊野

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