芬兰 / 纪录片 / 2006上映 / 片长58分钟


The bond between two 13-year-old Siberian school girls is put to the ultimate test when the school organizes a Fame Factory talent contest and the pair are forced to actually work together rather than simply playing together in director Jerzy Sladkowski's entry into the 2007 Chicago International Documentary Festival. Olesia and Natasha are classmates and boarders at a school in Krasnoyarsk, and every teacher there knows that they are inseparable. While most of the pair's days are spent choreographing dances, flirting with boys, and generally acting like adolescent girls, their friendship also helps them to cope in a place where there are no parental figures to guide them. When the school holds a Fame Factory contest, Olesia and Natasha quickly emerge as audience favorites. But playing together and working together are two different things entirely, and when every minor issue becomes a major point of contention, the stress may prove strong enough to crack their airtight friendship.