MTV Unplugged 2001
MTV Unplugged 2001(1943)
澳大利亚 / 纪录片 / 2001上映


After 10 years since first hitting the Unplugged stage, rock icons R.E.M. return for another acoustic session. Taped in the MTV Times Square studio, the band rolls out new versions of songs off their latest album, Reveal, plus new acoustic arrangements of songs off their previous 11 albums.
01. All the Way to Reno
02. Electrolite
03. At My Most Beautiful
04. Sad Professor
05. Daysleeper
06. Beat a Drum
07. I'll Take the Rain
08. I've Been High
09. So. Central Rain
10. The One I Love
11. Losing My Religion
12. Country Feedback
13. Cuyahoga
14. Imitation of Life
15. Disappear
16. Find the River
17. The Great Beyond