Kribus - Krabus - Domine
Kribus - Krabus - Domine(1981)
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简而言之,“阿尔卑斯山的海蒂”这一田园诗般的概念出现了裂痕。莉莎八岁,和父母一起在山上度过夏天。但是,在这稀疏的高山景观中,被吹嘘的大自然之美给了这个年轻女孩很少的舒适。相反,这看起来很奇怪。她父亲经常外出,母亲总是忙于洗盘子。丽莎看着远方,幻想着远方——最好是在波斯。在南提洛良方言中,“Kribus Krabus”的意思是“混乱混乱”。标题中的“多米尼”代表着上帝、控制和权力的反面。
In this short, cracks appear in the idyllic concept of ‘Heidi in the Alps’. Lisa is eight and spending the summer with her parents in the mountains. But the much-vaunted beauty of nature provides the young girl with little comfort in the sparse Alpine landscape. Instead, it seems eerie. Her father is often away and her mother is always busy with washing and doing the dishes. Lisa watches and fantasises about being far away – ideally in Persia. In the South Tirolean dialect, “kribus krabus” means “topsy turvy”. The “domine” in the title stands for the opposite, for God, control, and power.