Distance I
Distance I(1988)
荷兰 / 片长54 min


本片记录工人铺设沥青的全过程。大量内部机械运动的特写,旋转喷气机和结晶的道路构成了一首富有韵律的影像诗,让人想起法国先锋短片《机械芭蕾》。但如果你从《机械芭蕾》里体会到的是眼花缭乱的幻觉,在本片中则完全是缓慢而从容不迫的,是一种慢节奏的美。作者意在让观众把冰冷的机器看做有生命的主角,而奇妙的摄影术显然实现了他的目的。Annette Apon的作品向来归属先锋派,82年他曾将伍尔芙的意识流名作《波浪》改编成同名电影并获得成功。
The film is a study in black-and-white of the asphalting of a piece of road. Close-ups of the internal mechanism, rotating blades and the caterpillar tracks give a visual, rhythmic impression of the workings of a machine. The director also plays around with the laws of filmmaking. Instead of showing man in close-up and the surroundings as wide shots, the machine is continuously in close-up, and the men who work it in wide shots. The effect of this technique is that the machine comes across as a character and is experienced by the audience as a person.


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