The Do-It-Yourself Cartoon Kit(1961)
英国 / 动画 / 短片 / 喜剧 / 片长5分25秒


This is an amazingly clever and unique cartoon that must have been seen by Terry Gilliam (of "Monty Python" fame), as the cartoons he m ade for the show seemed strongly inspired by this wacky film. Not only is the art style very, very similar (with cut out pictures being animated) but the kooky style of narration and the many oddities about the film were later seen on the Python show. For example, offering an item and giving the price for it and the place to mail it (both changing each time they are shown) was used by the show on several occasions. There also is a very subversive sexuality about it and the animation for the announcer is amazingly similar for illiam's work as well.


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