Carol Klein的村舍花园
Life in a Cottage Garden with Carol Klein(2011)
英国 / 纪录片 / 2011-01-07(英国)上映 / 片长30分钟


(本片曾在 北京电视台BTV 纪实高清频道 播出,被合并为3集,取名《田园生活》。翻译不够认真严谨,有诸多专业非专业的错误,且网上仅有此片该引进版本的低分辨率视频。期待有字幕组找到高清版,精心翻译后分享。)
In this series plantswoman Carol Klein shares with us a year in her garden at Glebe Cottage in north Devon. Carol has looked after her garden for over thirty years and each year brings with it its own rewards and delights, as well as problems and challenges. Follow Carol as her garden grows, flourishes, dies and is reborn.
Winter 1/6
It's winter and there is much to do; cutting back, preparing the soil and garlic planting.
Spring 2/6
There is great change in the garden, as the remnants of winter make way for the spring.
Spring into Summer 3/6
In May and June, Carol is planting out sweet peas and staking perennials.
High Summer 4/6
In July and August there's staking to be done and roses to deadhead.
Autumn 5/6
In September and October it's harvest time and there's tidying and collecting to be done.
Into Winter 6/6
In November and December, holly, box and yew reveal their evergreen glory.


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