The lump(1991)
加拿大 / 动画 / 喜剧 / 短片 / 1993-09(萨德伯里国际电影节)上映 / 片长7分26秒


现代寓言剪贴画定格动画。 又矮又丑的佐治,过着边缘而自卑的生活,他渴望风光的生活。一天竟因为长出了第二个希腊伟人般的肉瘤头而突然改变了人生女人,名气,金钱,权利,似乎都扑面而来。但佐治只是被当作傀儡一般的摆设。好景不长,佐治掺和了政治被砍头 ,当然,这个虚假的头保住了他的性命。大难不死的佐治如梦初醒......
George is a complete social outcast. One day he notices a lump on his head, which the doctor pronounces benign; the next day, it becomes a second head, much better looking; he hides his real head, and suddenly becomes much more popular. George becomes a politician, on a "save the snails" platform; he gets recruited as an empty suit for some evil advisors and is swept into office.
A short and unattractive man develops an inert but highly attractive lump on top of his head. By simply buttoning his shirt over his face he changes his life! An animated parody on the superficiality of those qualities that lead to popularity and power.


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