Dear Simon

2018-07-13 11:04:48

Dear Simon, The first thing came to my mind after knowing about your story is writing you an e-mail. Glad to know that you finally got on that bravery train with Blue and decided to show the world who you truly are. Sometimes, we’re all running away from ourselves and the truth we fear, and it takes courage to be a real one regardless of other people’s opinions. Just like you, I am a totally normal college undergraduate who love movies and football, always have that dream of filming my own short motion pictures and try to play like Cristiano Ronald on the pitch, and I bet your taste on music is better than mine, the only difference between us is that I don’t have a secret the same as you do. I know it was not easy for you to keep such a big secret on your own and handle the burden that beyond many people’s comprehension at such a young age. The toughest thing must have been your best friends turned their back on you when you needed them the most, felt like you were all alone and the whole world is against you. Luckily, you have a wonderful family and a couple of considerate friends that you deserve. If I had been there, I would definitely stand by your side. How I wish this world can have more tolerance, fairness and understandings. Everyone has his right to love someone no matter who he or she is, and writes a great love story in his own way, crazy or ordinary, sweet or sorrow, romantic or heartbreaking. Sincerely, Chris









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