Ruined by unqualified Chinese cast

2018-07-11 看过

According to my reflection, Resident Evil: Afterlife was so bad that I completely discarded the franchise, and there was a Chinese actress in it. However honestly, Li Bingbing’s performance was fine, but it just won’t improve the movie. Since we mentioned Li Bingbing, got to criticize the infamous Transformers 4, what a disaster! Diversity is important in many works, and there already exists a lot of fine films with diversified casts. But if the cast is not suitable for the plot itself, everything just turns to trash regardless how great the actresses or actors are.

To be honest, Jing Tian has one of the most disturbing faces I have ever seen on screen. I definitely won’t call her a beauty, but she is not that bad an actress. But she obviously lacks some fundamental virtues whereby to be qualified as a fine actress, especially compared to lots of Hollywood actresses. Angela Baby is not qualified either (I mean she has almost no performing talents) but she is such a beauty, even from a western prospect. It seems inappropriate to judge an actress by appearance, but it does matter if she is attractive when she is the leading actress. What I want to express is it seems that a lot of Chinese actresses and actors just come out of nowhere and suddenly are leading the movie, whilst most of them are not sufficiently talented. This case could rarely happen in US.

I’m not blaming all Chinese actresses or actors, there are enormous of them who are just as talented as those in Hollywood. I’m just saying that if some directors want to use Chinese actresses or actors, they have to discriminate between bad ones and good ones. It’s a shame that some gorgeous fine Chinese actresses won’t have any chance while some secondary actresses fulfilling the screen.

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