An unbearable bore

2018-07-01 看过

The whole movie is an unendurable combination of cliches that don't add up or become interesting at any point. The discretely repeated attempts at delivering overused social messages makes it even worse. Even those messages are shallow in content, irrelevant to the movie and extremely unoriginal just as the story itself. I hoped during the movie that it would get better at some point but it went just worse. For those who are aware of these issues this is just a pretentious attempt and for the rest they don't care or won't get that message from a movie like this one.

I witnessed one of the worst movies of all time. You can't blame a movie for receiving overwhelming public attention but this clearly shows the demise of the movie industry as such movies can be produced and marketed just because of the exploitation of the social issues, and audiences getting revenge and amplify the message with their own means. Engineering the marketing of overrated films became the norm. Most of these pictures are not even worth a second view. This one doesn't even deserve to be watched.

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