if I were Truman

2018-06-29 看过

After watching the Truman show, I was deeply shocked. How can have such things happen, Truman from birth has been living in a fraud, after parents is false, girlfriend is false, friends and relatives are all false, the only real only Truman himself, so to live in lies. One day, Truman discovered all this and finally found the edge of the sky and the door on the other side. At this moment, the director who cheated Truman for half his life and created a dangerous adventure for Truman's departure had to bow to Truman. He pleaded with Truman to stay, stay in the fictional world, in this world, the Truman show is a nationally known big star, with millions of fans, and so he can continue to your life, as in the past few decades. But out of this door? Without all this, the chu goalkeeper will be an ordinary man who will face the challenges of the real world. Truman did not hesitate, however, think of a low bow to all people, turned towards the one represents the free door, give up the ordinary people may struggle can't get the splendor in the rest of my life.

If I were Truman, what would I do? If I were Truman, I might never find out. I'm not as bold and decisive as Truman. If I were Truman, I would rather not find the world false, there is nothing wrong with living in a peach garden.

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