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A brilliant, very human, and deeply-moving portrait of that rarest of qualities any film could have these days – fresh, uncharted territory. A core subject that, (despite all the films out there) somehow hadn’t yet been explored.

IN MY EYES follows the often heart-breaking journey of a blind Chinese man who, despite having been largely shunned by his family and dismissed by most of those around him as “useless” because of his blindness... sets out to prove them all wrong, to fully embrace life, and (quite literally) to travel the world, determined to experience its beauties and wonders in his own unique way.

And, along the way, to find himself, to prove his own self-worth, and to fully embrace all of life’s potential.

IN MY EYES chronicles large parts of that journey across the globe – a voyage full of chance encounters and the kindness of strangers and friendship and unexpected challenges as well as wondrous new experiences. A world that offers a wealth of exciting experiences to all the senses, not just the eyes, if one only takes the time to appreciate them.

Reminding us that so much of our capacity for joy, fulfillment and acceptance is rooted in the attitude with which we choose to face life, regardless of what hand destiny has dealt us.

But, along with his treks into Thailand, India, and across the United States – earning his way through his finely-honed massage skills, exchanging them for food and lodging when necessary – IN MY EYES also chronicles a second, as-important journey... this one a journey within: into our intrepid traveler’s past and family, into the very roots of his restlessness and determination to keep moving relentlessly forward, to follow his heart.

To prove, to himself and all those around him, that no matter how hard the road ahead may be, there’s nothing in life so essential as believing in yourself and following the dream in your heart.

Beautifully directed by Han Yi, producer of the multi award-winning CHINA HEAVYWEIGHT, IN MY EYES is the kind of quietly-haunting, unforgettably human and life-affirming film that stays with you long after you’ve had the pleasure of watching it.

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