McConaughey is awesome

2018-06-26 看过

McConaughey has always been an amazing actor, and this 2013 bio thriller Dallas Buyers Club marks his career-best performances, even one of the best among all the Oscar winners. He just reminds me of Day-Lewis' acting in There Will Be Blood.

The direction of this film is somehow awkward. The first forty minutes is kind of loose and off-topic, and just leads to nowhere. However, after the first forty minutes, the real tension begins. Both the struggle between the life and death, and the conflict between Woodroof and FDA, hold the attention of the audiences towards the end.

This film is set in the 1980s but still resonates today. The medical systems in the United States has been problematic for a very long time, in the sense that the capitalists can easily maneuver the FDA to sell their drugs and to ban other competing drugs.

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