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【Season 1 Episode 2】 「I have seen three great monarchies brought down through their failure to separate personal indulgences from duty. You must not allow yourself to make similar mistakes. And while you mourn your father, you must also mourn someone else. Elizabeth Mountbatten. For she has now been replaced by another person, Elizabeth Regina. The two Elizabeth will frequently be in conflict with one another. The fact is, the Crown must win. Must always win.」

【Season 1 Episode 8】 「Like giving a lick of paint to a rusty old banger to make everyone think it's all still fine. But it's not. The rust has eaten away at the engine and the structure. The banger is falling apart. But no one wants to see it. That's our job, that's who we are. The coat of paint. If the costumes are grand enough, if the tiara's sparkly enough, if the titles are preposterous enough, the mythology incomprehensible enough, then all must still be fine.」

「Never let them see the real Elizabeth Windsor. The cameras, the television. Never let them see that carrying the Crown is often a burden. Let them look at you but let them see only the eternal.」

「Margaret, you have freedom. All you have to do is enjoy it. ↓ You think I'm free? To be constantly in your shadow. Constantly the overlooked one. ↓ It looks like heaven to me. ↓ What you have looks like heaven to me.」

【Season 1 Episode 9】 「I find in general people have very little understanding of who they are. One has to turn a blind eye to so much of oneself in order to get through life.」

「It is not a reasonably truthful image of me! It is not! It is cruel! ↓ Age is cruel! If you see decay, it's because there's decay. If you see frailty, it's because there's frailty. I can't be blame for what is. And I refuse to hide and disguise what I see. If you're engaged in a fight with something, then it's not with me. It's with your own blindness.」

【Season 1 Episode 10】 「We must not forget that times are changing. Morality is changing. The country is changing.」

「We are half-people. Ripped from the pages of some bizarre mythology, the two sides within us, human and crown engaged in a fearful civil war, which never ends. And which blights our every human transaction as... as brother, husband, sister, wife, mother. I understand the agony you feel and I am here to tell you, It will never leave you. I will always be half-King. My tragedy is that I have no Kingdom. You have it. And you must protect it.」

「I was prepare to go through it all and support you, as a sister. Because I'd give you my word. But... but I realized... as Queen... that I have no choice. I cannot allow you to marry Peter and remain part of this family. That is my decision. ↓ In defiance of the pledge you made to our father? And the pledge you gave to me. ↓ Yes.」

「Forgetting Elizabeth Windsor now. Now only Elizabetn Regina.」

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