A Few Highlights

2018-06-25 23:28:34

1. Identify the characteristics of a community than its adjacent communities in thorough discussions. The birth.

2. Champion the value of diversity, liberty and individuality, with collective actions by and for the people.

3. Showcase of the dignified, willful process of naturalization, assimilation, learning to defend one's rights.

4. Even the uneducated, the poor, deserve to be heard, because they have a point. 当愚民主义洗脑不再有恃无恐,任何人,即使用最平白的语言,都有资格谈论政治。

5. One cannot live alone in this planet however strong s/he is. We deserve to have support groups in the form of legal service, social advocate, political representation, in us and in them.

6. The streets, one would argue, are not as pretty as many of those in Beijing. But the beautification of Chinese mega-cities sacrifices small businesses and property owners while brands reckless capitalism.

7. 大妈分享女儿在穿越美墨边境时迷失沙漠两周的故事令人动容。What price it takes for many to get to the "beacon of freedom," and for what?

8. Protect the street vendors. 唇亡齿寒。

9. The film highlights interesting locations to tell the story of a place: slaughterhouse, pet house, resthome...It's what people do, it's their life.

10. A scene I particularly like is when a group of transgender women gathered to protest against a restaurant that discriminated against a member by refusing to provide service, chanting "no more discrimination! No more discrimination!" And the follow-up scene later when they sat down to draw a reasonable plan to find justice.

11. Revolution can start from a barber shop.

12. Those men, wherever they came from, Nepal, Bangladesh, India, are going to be good taxi driver class. (And the passionate teacher!)

13. This is a film about dignity and empowerment. I can't stop thinking about the helpless elderly migrant workers I met in China, who stood in the middle of the street not knowing what to do when confisticated of their vegetable carts, their sole mean of living, completely lost. Or the 串儿摊 run by a quiet, decent couple who put in a lot of fresh Sichuanese seasoners to warm the young like me every midnight that eventually gave up after repeated 城管 harrassment.







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