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Good people are always attracted with each other 你若优秀,清风自来

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Good people are always attracted with each other


Chinese writer Zhang xiaoxian once


Good people are always attracted with each other


Chinese writer Zhang xiaoxian once defined youth as saying that when you own the smooth skin and good figure, you usually have no power and money. Absolutely, power and money wouldn't come with the whelk on your face. This is a very simple truth, you can't always get everything you want, but now I want you to imagine, if you have money and power when you are young, what will be like.

Jenny gave us her own answer. Jenny is a beautiful high school girl. She had a good talent in playing the violin but she was a little rebellious. On a rainy day, she came across a handsome and elegant gentleman-David, and after that, David began to have several appointment with Jenny. He took her to various fancy places for entertainment and had a good trip in Paris which is the girl's dream place. Jenny just fell in love with this middle-aged gentleman. But when Jenny gave up her studies, gave up her faith and decided to be with him, she was disappointed to find out that he was a married man. Luckily, Jenny made a sincere apology to the teacher who had been contradicted, and resumed her dream and faith. At last, she admitted to the ideal university, had a same age boyfriend and made their own efforts to live in Paris.

Everything around you could become a temptation when you need to get the everything you want by your own hard work.Jenny in the film is not resisting the temptation. When you are at the age which you should strive to enrich yourself, do not choose to enjoy ease. Perhaps some people believe something like Jenny's father "We send you to school is to let you have a better life, but now ,that man is able to bring you these things, so we will not oppose you drop out of school." This is actually a reflection of an abnormal view of mate choice. Read well or marry well? I think different people have their own view, in my opinion, during the process of growth, only when we are continuously through own efforts, by modifying our mistakes to approach the ideal of ourselves, can we find Mr.Right. Good people are attracted to each other. I also agree that gook-looking girl is another way to show good, but if you just depend on young age and beautiful looking to find your Mr.Right, I think it is a gamble, the price is precious youth. So, there is no shortcut to success, only when we are hard enough to make ourselves good enough to shine, it is possible for us to get the gift of our dreams, perhaps love, or career.






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