my comment on <<us and them>>

2018-05-17 20:00:26

Directed by Rene Liu, 《Us and them》is a youth movie starred by Zhou Dongyu and Jin Boran. The film tells a story about the process of how a couple meet, love, break up and meet again. As the maiden work of Rene Liu, the film has arisen heat discussion since it was put on the scene. Some people think it was a triumph--the story reminds the audience of their memories about love, while others regard it as a failure--the film editing confuse us a lot.

By watching the film, I found there are still some attracting points. Firstly, the leading actress zhou is very good at acting and she’s really a good natural. Secondly, the director is really meticulous to polish the film to the better, which can be found in 2 details. One is the plot that the hero Lin Jianqing said to the heroine Fang Xiaoxiao:” the world will lose its color if Ian can no longer find Kelly.” Accordingly, the color tonality in the film turned into black and white when the leading roles broke up and didn’t come back until Xiaoxiao read the letter from Jianqing’s father. Another is the kindness and love Jianqing’s father showed in the letter. The letter really impressed me a lot. My eyes were filled with tears when I heard the words. It suddenly occurred to me that concern and love can’t be restrained in special relationships.

Some disadvantages are also visible in this film. The film editing is almost a mess and the illogical scene change really confuse me a lot. It looks like a power point more than a film. And the plot is a little bit verbose and single. The conversation between the two leading roles are all part of the film.

由刘若英执导,井柏然和周冬雨主演的《后来的我们》 是一部青春文艺片,影片讲述了一对青年男女如何相遇,相爱,分手和重逢的过程。作为导演刘若英的处女作,这部影片自上映以来就引发了激烈的讨论,有人褒奖,也有人不屑。











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