Birds of blue feathers, have to stick together: the film review of Rio

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Rio, an American animated comedy movie in 2011, describes an adventure story that two blue macaws named “Blue” and “Jewel” fighting with bird smuggler and finally understand each other. Vivifying forest of Rio and lively birds, the film called on us to protect animals while showing us Brazilian exotic charm. Under the situation of environmental protection in that year, it is really a popular and meaningful film which can help children realize the importance of protecting animals while enjoying the happiness.

Generally speaking, it is a film whose topic is protecting animals, but in my view, I see more of its love, inclusion and unity. Blue and Jewel is just like the ice and fire. Blue is a lazy male pet bird, Jewel is a straightforward female bird; Blue like advanced facilities, but Jewel always rely on nature for a living; the former only want to stay at nest in city, but the latter desire to return to nature. Such two totally different birds can end up living together happily, inclusion is actually the most important lubricant. Blue has an interesting line in this film, “Happy wife, happy life.” Such sentence may sounds spoiled, but behind this sentence is tolerance and understanding. “Take a step back and there will be a bigger world in front of you.” Sometimes conceding is a kind of bravery.

Besides, such inclusion reminds me of the anti-Japanese national united front in the period of Anti-Japanese War, which is the symbol of unity and our Chinese victory. Although there are different systems and beliefs between two political parties, we have the same enemy, we can be tolerant to one another for our common goal, peace and love.

Finally, I was impressed by a sentence in the film: “Birds of blue feathers, have to stick together.” It is because of their rarity that they would be focused by bird smuggler. But unity is the best weapon. There is a saying by Homer, “Union gives strength, even to weak men.” Meanwhile, not only the birds of blue feathers, so do every kinds of species.




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