the gathering of the righteous against one enemy

2018-05-17 14:53:01

The movie is on recently. It mainly tells us a story about the gathering of the righteous against one enemy. The villian Thanos would like to kill a half of the human being to creat his ideal harmonious world. To save our partners, all the heroes got together to prevent Thanos from getting six precious stones including heart, reality, power, space, time and soul. They have worked in close cooperation but still failed this war, which is quite different from previous American films about justice aganist evil. To my own surprise, I still feel satisfied and have achievability without a content ending.

Indeed, this film is another big-budget American movie. There are chase scenes, bloody shoot-out and anything you can imagine about the science fiction film in 3D. To be honest, I have not watched the former two of this series. However, it still touched me in the deep heart. Like other related films, the theme is heroism. Every character has sense of justice and try their best to win the war even be willing to lose their own life. Guarding the precious stones is the highest duty. I feel the honor and the delight of being a part of this world. There existed more kind people around us.

There are more impressed dots I'd like to share with you. Until now, I still remember this sentence" This will be the most solemn curtain in the history of human being" said by Black Panther. He said that when he gave the order to open the shield and have a close battle in order to protect the precious stone. Everyone will be afraid while facing the threat. It's normal to protect ourselves from being killed while standing in a state of life and death. But the king of Wakanda is not. Besides, I have a little sympathy and understanding for the villian Thanos. He has a goal that reduce the population in a painless to alleviating the tense situation of resources. He is aware of the danger of scarcity of resource and willing to change the situation. From my perspective, his aim is wonderful but not being understood owing to the cruel method to get it. The villian also has an admirable side.

The the ending is that evil triumphs over justice, but I still believe that justice will win the war most of the time finally.


这部电影最近上映。它主要告诉我们一个关于一群正义者与一个大反派斗争的故事。坏人灭霸想杀死一半的人来创造他理想的和谐世界。为了拯救我们的伙伴,所有的英雄们聚集起来,防止塔诺斯获得六颗宝石,包括心灵,现实,力量,空间,时间和灵魂。他们坚持团结合作,但仍然在这场战争中失败了,这与美国之前的有关正义战胜邪恶的电影有很大不同。令我惊讶的是,我仍然感到满意并且具有成就感,虽然没有看到一个令我满意的结局。 的确,这部电影是另一部大成本的美国大片。有追逐场面,血腥射击和任何你可以想象的科幻电影中应有的情节。说实话,我没有看过这个系列的前两部。但是,它仍然深深打动了我。和其他相关电影一样,它的主题是英雄主义。每个角色都有正义感,他们尽最大的努力去赢得这场战争,甚至愿意失去自己的生命。守护宝石是他们最高的责任。我感到作为自己这个世界的一部分的荣幸和喜悦。在我们身边有更多正义之人而不是邪恶之灵。 我想分享更多的令我印象深刻的情节。到现在,我还记得这句话:“这将是人类历史上最壮烈的谢幕”,黑豹说。当他下令打开保护盾牌并与敌人展开正面战斗以保护宝石时他说了这句话。面对威胁时,每个人都会害怕。在处于生死攸关的状态下,保护自己免遭杀害是很正常的一件事。但是,瓦坎达国王并不这样认为。此外,我对坏人灭霸有点同情和理解。他想要通过一种不痛苦的方式来减少人口环节资源紧张的情形。他意识到资源稀缺的危险并愿意改变这种状况。从我的角度来看,他的目标是美好的,但由于采用残酷的手段而让人无法理解。坏人也会有令人钦佩的一面。 虽然影片结局是邪恶胜过正义,但我仍然相信正义在大多数时候会赢得战争的胜利。









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