My Understanding About Will's Choice.

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The film begins with a girl who has just lost her joband luckily she is hired as a nurse. But she has to look aftera special young man named Will. An unheralded accident caused thisextreme sports enthusiast to be unable to stand up for the rest of his life. In addition to hislover's departure, Will begins to avoid everyone except the private doctor. But the young woman's care has curedWill’s moodslowly. However, the story was far from what we had imagined. Let's talk a little bit about how I feel.

Maybe I'm too traditional. Or maybe my life is too plain.I couldn't help but wonder why Will chooseseuthanasiafinally. Especially when it comes to the choice of the girl who seems to be worthy of being together with her forever. But now I slowly understand Will’s peculiar choice. Before the paralysis,His best thing was to go exploring with his friends. He can trade his legs for joy. But now he has lost the right to choose. Even if he meets the person he likes, he can only let others push to see the sunrise, sunset, and clouds scud across.The most painful thing was not that he isparalyzed. But that he could not choose for himself. And euthanasia is Will's final restiveness and dignity. There are still a lot of people who don't understand this extreme approach.I'm just commenting on existing movie plots. But life is much more complicated than film. We can't live by the script.Who knows what decision the next Will is going to make? It makes me think if it happens to me. What will I do? Or what should I do? No matter how thoroughly I think, I can’t figure it out. So just let it go. We can not control life. So take it.



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