Do you still remember your first love?

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It was, to some degree , a slight movie. Nothing actually happened except the old story that a couple fought against families and traditional conventions to be together in the end. Yet I found the movie gentle and affecting. Slowly, it panned across the experience and influence of the first love in a story-telling way where the hero, Noah kept repeating their love story to recall his wife’s memory——showing its fragility, its resiliency, its role as the connecting tissue between two young individuals coming from two totally different social class.

The story is not fresh, attractive or full of ups and downs, but what attracts me a lot, also others who love it, I think , lies in its unique way to tell their love story and lives. Noah who had heart never gave up trying to awake Annie’s memory , who had Alzheimer’s disease though the doctors ,families and nurses kept telling him that was impossible. Generally speaking, such a man ,in the odinary’s views, must be a faithful, unremitted and loyal man. However, he just soon gave up soon after the Annie’s families’ strong opposition——sometimes love is fragile. But after seven years’ waiting, destiny graced them to be given an opportunity to be together. Annie’s choice indicated another point, which I think is also important in the movie and was penetrated through the whole story line , that you should choose and do what you love, but not what fulfill others’ wishes and demands just like what Noah continued telling Annie.

Another interesting spot is that they two always fought with each other, but they just loved each other and knew he or she was an essential part of their lives. So nothing is perfect, the man is not perfect,even a little coward; the woman is not perfect,who did not dare to pursume what she loved; their love is not perfect, which contained annoyance and regret; even the ending——they died together soon after Annie remembered everything is not perfect. So what? That is life , that is love and that is what makes life different ,rich and precious!

某种程度上来说,这是一部很小众的电影。电影讲述了一对恋人在家人,世俗观念的阻挠下,最后终于在一起的老套故事,没有什么特别的。但是我觉得这部电影很温暖,很感动。 通过男主给他的妻子每天重复讲述他们的爱情故事的方式来唤醒妻子的记忆。这个过程展现了初恋是多么的脆弱,但有充满生命力以及初恋是如何将两个来自完全不同社会阶层的两个人紧紧地联系在了一起。



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