The heart of the victim can not be found ,and the heart of the man can not be lost

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【baahubali 2:The conclusion】is a new movie in India .The film was directed by S.S Rajamouli whose actors include prabahas 、Rana Daggubati and so on .I have saw it several days ago in the cinema .

The movie tells the story of a warrior who was supposed to be king, who gave up the throne for falling in love, but because of his high prestige at home, he was killed by his virulent brother, and eventually died in the hands of his beloved uncle. The last story of his son's revenge for him.

The film tells us that justice may be late ,but it will never be absent .And the positive energy values it disclosed is worthy of our respect.However, I had some other views about the movie when I saw it .

Firstly,I think the male owner has a nod to the Virgin or another word is a bit silly .He has a good advantage in the head of the play .His mother favor him .And he also has lofty prestige in his country because of foreign wars. The government of the state trained him as a king of storage .But he is too confident of his brother .If you want to protect others ,strength is essential. When he knows he is going to be killed ,he did not fight .Which let the villain get away with it for 20 years .

I felt very angry when the owner was killed .It might not have been so if he resisted . “The heart of the victim can not be found ,and the heart of the man can not be lost”.I think this sentence is very philosophical.Believe a person who is in believing . But probably because of its ups and downs, it is so fascinated by me

The movie gave me a deep feeling .In general,Its ornamentals are still high.It’s worth your visit to the cinema.








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