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The movie we need to talk about Kevin is adapted from a novel with same name,telling a story of how did a boy called Kevin grow up to be a murderer.This mov


The movie we need to talk about Kevin is adapted from a novel with same name,telling a story of how did a boy called Kevin grow up to be a murderer.This movie has an uniquenarrative style—unfolding the plotsby showing stream of consciousness of Kevin’s mother,who always recall up some memories about Kevin,thereby it revealscertain possible reasons why the boy became a frightening criminal.

First,it is necessary to figure out what kind of person Kevin is.He appeared to be an unusual child even when he was very little.Kevin could feel his mother’s indifference,so he kept a distance with her,but had an intimate relationship with his father.So he is a sensitive and early-maturing child,which is manifested in such words he said to his mother:”Just because you're used to something, doesn't mean you like it. You're used to me.”Also,he used scar caused by mother to control her. Not getting enough attention and maternal love,he became distorted in personality.We can see his extreme hate and deep love to his mother from his cold eyes.On the one hand,he longed for mother’s love,and enjoyed leaning close to mother and listening to stories told by mother.In the movie,he revealed his true feelings toward mother when he had a fever;On the other hand,he fought against with his mother by all means—spoiling mother’s wall posted with traveling maps,speaking dirty words to her,making sister’s eye blind,even killing his father,sister and classmates.He is totally a violent,merciless and bloody evil.(give your own conclusion)

But what made him become such an evil is worth being discussed.Did he born to be a bad seed,or his mother should be responsible for his fall?The reasons are complicated,we can’t blame one side simply.But there is no doubt that Eva had an impact on Kevin.Since she gave birth to her son,she had been reluctant to hug or play with the little infant.In her part,Kevin,a product of unwanted pregnancies, ruined her ideal life as a travel writer.Also,she didn’t prepare for her motherhood,so she kept a distance with Kevin,both physically and mentally.She didn’t have much patience,and always wore a gloomy expression.All of these pushed Kevin away from her.As a result,Eva and he had a tense relationship during Kevin’s process of growth.Even though a breakthrough happened when Kevin was ill,yet that didn’t last for a long time.They seldom had physical contact,not to mention heart communication.

In my opinion,it’s hard to say someone is born to be an evil,after all a child is just like a white paper,being created by family education and social education.There must always be a pair of“problem parents”behind a“problem child”.It is family that has the most profound influence on a child,which can either create a masterpiece or spoil it.As one spends his first years of life with his parents,family education lays a playground work for the development of his character.

Luckily,in the end of movie,Kevin’s mother,Eve,came to prison to visit her son,and she asked him:”Why?”He answered,”I used to think I knew,but now I’m not sure.”Then it followed with a silence,and his eye turned gentle and fragile from ferocious ,when he was about to say something,Prison guard interrupted :”Time's up.”In this dialogue,Kevin felt his mother’s love—she didn’t abandon him but to choose leave in the formal city bearing people’s insult just for visiting him.Before leaving,They glared each other,and then Eva gave Kevin a hug.Eventually mother and son seemed to forgive each other after experiencing so much pain and price.

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