Nowhere Boy

2018-05-12 00:57:36

Nowhere Boy tells the story about the early experience of John Lennon who was the lead singer of the Beatles , and this movie shows the audience how Lennon’s character and personal life were affected by two important women in his life—mother Julia and aunt Mimi .

In my opinion , during his adolescence to some degree Lennon can be called a “hooligan” . He didn’t study hard at all: smoking , fighting , stealing CD and hanging out in the city . And the title of movie comes from one of lines of Lennon’s teacher when he criticized :”At the moment you’re going nowhere , here at Quarry Bank generally…nowhere .”In teacher’s eyes , Lennon was a failure undoubtedly and couldn’t have a bright future . But Lennon responded to this in this way :”Is ‘nowhere’ full of geniuses ?Because then I probably do belong to there .”In fact , this powerful fight back indeed predicted his future road to stardom .

Nowhere also indicates Lennon’s feelings of puzzlement and confusion which particularly belongs to youths . Being lack of maternal love , Lennon was brought up by his aunt Mimi since he was five . His uncle was a little childish man , while Mimi , a strict even cold woman , always seemed to be unhappy . His aunt’s marriage with uncle George was not a success , so he seldom felt warmth and love in such an abnormal family . After his uncle’ death , the atmosphere in the house got more dreary . At this time , Lennon’s mother re-entered his life , she was an extrovert , enthusiastic woman having free spirit and open society views . She tried to foster son’s artistic talent —teaching him to play banjos . Lennon was yearning for the accompany of mother but Mimi forbade his contact with her . As a result , he had to linger on between these two women painfully .His heart drifted without a direction and he didn’t know how to handle this complicated relationship .

As far as I concerned , parents ’fault shouldn’t be taken on by children , that is not fair . The pain caused in the childhood lasts long during one’s life and it always haunts in one’s memory . In the movie , Lennon recalled his five-year-old memories of past several times , about the quarrel between his parents , about how he was deserted by his mom . His mother was frivolous and always needed company —she had experienced three men in all . She was such an irresponsible mother that she refused to go back to his husband . Nobody but his aunt stayed to take care of Lennon , which is the cause of his loveless childhood and adolescence . At the end of movie , a soundtrack called mother rung:”mother , you had me , but I never had you , I wanted you , you didn’t want me , So I , I just got to tell you ,Goodbye……”these verses reveals Lennon’s unpredictable sorrow for lost accompany from parents . While in the following lyrics , the repeated heart breaking words”Mama don’t go , Daddy come home ” expresses Lennon’s intense yearning for parental love in his deep heart , also it will strike a chord with audiences and echo in the hearts of them .








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