Is There Anybody Here?

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This is a touching , warm story between two generations—a little lad , Edward , living in the old people’s home which run by his parents and an old retired magician Clarence who was sent to this


This is a touching , warm story between two generations—a little lad , Edward , living in the old people’s home which run by his parents and an old retired magician Clarence who was sent to this place . During a period time of nearly one year , they bonded a kind of odd friendship going beyond age gaps . Living in an atmosphere of death and facing many old men the whole day , Edward was obsessed with ghosts . He watched TV program about ghosts and even taped the gasps of dying people , wondering what happened after people died . While Clarence was a bad-tempered geezer , and he sunk in regret because he owed his late wife an apology .

They met and made a big difference on each other’s life . On the one hand , Clarence helped Edward to understand death , thereby made him get rid of his morbid interest in ghosts to some degree . Also , Clarence taught him a lot of magics , which helped the little boy make friends with peers . On the other hand , Edward once saved Clarence who intended to suicide . And later this eleven-year-old little boy led Clarence to his dead wife’s tomb so as to undo the knot in his mind .

Through this movie , we can know the living conditions of the elderly better ,who have always been neglected by society and become marginalized groups . Happened in an old people’s home , Is There Anybody Here?depicts a group of old people , including an Ex-dancer , a drunkard , a war veteran and so on .On the one hand , they lived a dull , boring and dead life and got used to getting old seemingly . They sit together in the hall , with empty eyes , just like waiting for the coming of death .On the other hand ,The old had experienced a lot , having scars in the heart . We can see the ex-dancer lost her leg , and she was not able to wear that pair of dancing shoes any more ; and the war veteran couldn’t stop trembling his hands due to the effect of World War One ; and Clarence had kept his indescribable sorrow for losing his beloved in the deep heart .

No wonder so many old people want to die as soon as possible — because the joy of living has gone and nothing was left except aging body and a sense of intense loneliness . Especially those who live in the nursing house —they live far away from their own children and they long for family affection , which is manifested in the movie : an old lady ,who always complained , and expressed her dissatisfaction toward her daughter , when she heard her daughter called her up , she still appeared rather happy .

The movie also reveals truths about nursing home . ”You live all your life on your own all your life and then someone thinks it’s a good idea to put you with complete strangers .” In fact , nursing home is not an ideal place for the old to spent their rest life . Even though nurses can look after healthy condition of the older , they can never replace their children . After all , what the old man most need is the families ’company . As children , they shouldn’t escape from the duty to care of parents just as whey they were young it was their parents who raised them up .

Nowadays , our modern society has aged tendency of population . This not only happens in British , but also in China . In 2015 , the proportion of the population of 60 aged and over had accounted for 16.15% . According to international standard , once the number is more than 10% , this country has become an aging society . Facing the severe situation , we should pay attention to the condition of the old , especially their mental health . More care , more understanding should be given to them . Because they made contributions to our society , they should finish the last part of life in dignity .

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